Finding your way

There was a lady, who whilst outwardly confident and in control, felt lost and insecure on the inside. She was looking for a new way, a way that would bring her inner peace and comfort and align her feelings about the things she did with the way she felt about doing them.

She had a plan to do this. She had a strong belief that she could change how she felt about where she was in life. She was committed to getting that sense of control back and once again feeling happy and content with the things she did and way she felt about doing them.

So she set out to change her outlook. She took time to consider her personal goals, she made sure she was very clear on what she wanted to achieve with her life on a spiritual, physical and mental level. She thought about how her current actions aligned with her personal goals and identified paths that would bring greater congruence to her personal goals. She spent some time reflecting on the wonderful things she had accomplished in her time and allowed herself to feel really good about those things. She drew learning from the things that were maybe less wonderful, was thankful for the learning opportunity and then drew her focus away from these memories after acknowledging their contribution to life journey.

She continued to remind herself of her life plan and regularly circled back to it to check and reset. Importantly, she was patient with her progress and made sure to appreciate the journey of self-fulfilment. Many times she felt that life was deliberately trying to derail her journey by dealing her what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles, but, she put faith in the knowledge that she would learn from the experience and that these obstacles would somehow enhance her journey even if this was not always obvious in the moment.

Over time, her goals changed as she naturally evolved within herself. She drew contentment from the knowledge that she was in control of her life path.  She had chosen the direction she wanted to go in, and was enjoying the journey.




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