The patient frog

Once there lived a frog.  He had heard the story of the frog prince and he was sure that anything was possible in this world.  He spent his days sitting on the edge of the pond, waiting for someone to come along and kiss him so he too could be transformed into a prince.

While he sat there each day he befriended a small beetle.  The beetle was shy and quiet, but she sat quietly and listened to the frog’s stories of how he had read the story of the frog prince and had a vision that something similar would happen to him one day.  The frog told the little beetle that he believed one day while sitting on the side of the pond a young girl would come along.  She would be a kind soul and that if he jumped into her bucket he would be taken away to another river where he would find true love.  He was sure this was his destiny, as he had seen this happen many times in his dreams.

The wise beetle listened carefully to the story and always asked the same questions:

Why would you risk everything for something that may be no better?

How do you think another pond will be any better than this one?

Do you realise the risks in going with a strange girl?  She may not take you to another river and you may end up dried up and thirsty.

As the beetle pestered the frog each day, highlighting the risks and suggesting the change would be nothing different.  The frog started to lose his confidence.  He started to forget his vision and came to hear his story as an impossible dream.

One day the girl from his dreams arrived at the edge of the pond.  He knew straight away that this was the girl he had seen, but he was unprepared.  Although he had told all his family and friends that this day would come, he had not said farewell to them that morning.  As the girl bent down with her bucket, he had a quick decision to make:

Does he follow his dream and risk everything for an unknown adventure and new life?

OR does he stay where he is ?  Where he knows how things work and how to have a content life?

Do we often end up in the same place as the frog – unprepared for what we have been asking for, and then unsure if we should take the opportunity presented to us?

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