Working as one

Imagine a community where love and laughter do not exist,  instead, there is a focus on efficiency and action.  No time to play just a focus on getting things done effectively.

A young girl lives in this world.  She looks upon her parents with awe and fascination as she watches them get on with their daily lives.  They don’t question, they don’t rest, they spend their days doing things in the most efficient way possible.

As this young girl watches she can’t help wonder about why.  Why spend your days in such a hurry and rush?  Why spend your days working on something you have no passion for?  Why does each day feel the same as the one before?

She approaches her parents with these questions and they sit her down to explain:

For our society to work we all need to contribute in this way.  Each and every one of us needs to do their duty to allow us to function effectively.  We are one organism and therefore we all need to work together to ensure our organism thrives.

This was the explanation that had been given many times before, and it didn’t resonate with the young girl.  She wondered if she could find a machine to do her part was she free to doas she liked?  Was it possible for a machine to take her place in this organism that her parents spoke of?  If she was freed from this organism could she spend her days doing what she wanted to do.

So she worked extra hard.  Spending her days fulfilling her duties and her nights creating machines to help her become even more efficient in her daily duties.

Time past quickly as she worked day and night to find ways to reduce the work she needed to do.  Slowly the machines started taking over her work, and then she started to share her knowledge and creations.  The machines started taking over the work of others too.  Eventually the machines were doing much of the work and many of those in the village no longer had anything to do.

But not being busy and having a clear respnsibility for something to do is a big change.  This idleness caused many problems.  The young girl had assumed it would bring laughter and happiness, but instead it brought jealousy and anger.  There became a competition among the people about who was doing more; who was benefifitting the most from the machines.  There was anger amongst the people as they looked at each other no longer as friends working together but now as enemies competing for the same resources.  There was a sense that for one to thrive it would happen at another’s expense.

Having seen the impact of the machines the girl now understood her mother’s words from so long ago:

For society to function, we all need to do our durty.

But it was too late.  She could not undo her inventions.  All she could do was spend the rest of her days focused on working hard to build more and more machines.  She hoped that this would help remove the conflict between the families…but she did not live to see that day.

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