Government and Rulers

Government and rulers – what is their purpose and why do we need them?

To start with let us look back in history.  Back to the days when the government was created and taken through force and fighting.  It was the strongest not the smartest that became the rulers of the land.  They took what they needed and made everyone else bow to their wishes.  This wasn’t good for the collective, so they rose up and took over.  They formed an agreement that they wouldn’t rule with sticks and stones but would govern with wit and intellect.

This worked for a while and was a great idea.  The problem came when the governments forgot and became rulers themselves.  When the governments felt it was their job to create rules and watch the people.  To check that every rule was obeyed and every person did the right thing as described in the laws.  But this is not what government should be about.  Government should be about the people coming together to understand and agree on how they can work together to create a greater society.

This is what has been lost.  Our government is trying to tell everyone what makes a good society rather than taking the good society and protecting the values and ideals that develop from within it.

Today we reflect and see that in trying to make the governments perfect, we have changed their role to be that of ruler rather than governor.  Too much energy has been put into defining the scope of influence that the government has, and because of this we now have rulers that are too powerful. We need to go back to basics.  Back to when the rulers were replaced with governors.  Back to the time when the purpose of government was to simply mediated between people and not to try to dictate to them.

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