A story of love

A young child lived in a home filled with love.  The parents always showered this child with love, demonstrating this love in many different ways.  The child was given many physical gifts as well as gifts of time and wisdom.

Then one day, tragedy hit, and the parents were suddenly taken away from this world.  The child was lost and alone.  He was sent to stay in a home with other orphans.  Having to go from such a loving environment to an orphanage with so many different children was devastating to this little boy.  He was not equipped to cope with  life in this home.  Here you were expected to do everything yourself.  There were no parents showering you with love, your basic needs of food and shelter were seen to, and after that you were on your own.

The others in the home had been through varying circumstances.  Some found lots more love in this home than they had experienced before.  They had come from homes where independence was expected, where mistakes were punished (often brutally).  They had not known love, encouragement, support and kindness.  So when they arrived at the orphanage, they were relieved and found it a much nicer place to live.  They were thankful and happy there.  This  was very different to the young child that had just arrived.  He felt isolated and unloved in this orphanage.

This story could end in one of two ways:

Situation 1:

The young child looks around and sees that the other boys are unaware of how much better life is when immersed in love.  He digs into his heart and shares the love he had felt, following the example from his parents.  Before long, this will be reflected back to him from the other children.  This reflection of love will help to replenish his love and a never ending circle of upliftment will ensure that very soon everyone in the home is affected by this love.  The home will be transformed into a place of comfort, where everyone feels cared for and loved.

Situation 2:

The child learns how to cope in this new world.  He looks at the other boys and copies what they do, and very soon he too will be grateful for what he has.  He will have found a way to cope and even feel a little happiness.  The comfort and love that he had once missed will be long since lost.

This is what life on Earth is like.  We each have a choice:

Do we share the love with everyone we encounter, even if they are not showing us that same love initially?  Do we attempt to change other’s perspective by bathing them in love?

Or do we find ways to cope?  Look at how much worse our life could be and simply be thankful and make the best of what we have?


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