In or Out?

Today I can’t think of a story to tell. My thoughts are consumed with the choice England is making today. It reminds me a lot of that song that goes “should I stay or should I go now, if I stay there will be trouble, if I go it will be double.” There is no easy answer. Whatever the outcome we will never know if the country made the right choice or not, all we will see is what happens.

For me, I am in the out camp. While I haven’t been impressed with the campaign for an exit from Europe(I am particularly disappointed by the nationalist view that comes through with the out campaign), I still feel that removing the rules and regulations around Europe move closer to the Utpotia I strive for. In my perfect world we don’t need rules and regulations as they exist now. We certainly don’t need massive organisations telling us who we can and can’t trade with.

I have 2 children and I often talk about friendship groups with the other mums. We are all doing our best to bring ours children up to be includers rather than excluders.  We try to teach them that while it is great to have a set of friends, you should let the friends come and go freely, welcoming in others no matter who they are.  Let’s pretend my girls came home one day and told me that they had set up a club with rules about how to play nicely together. That if you weren’t in the club they wouldn’t play with you, and if you were in the club you had to obey the rules since you had helped set them. Would I be impressed and say this is a good thing?  They are setting the standards on how to play nicely together, and as long as you are part of the group, playtime is great.

To me this is not that different to what is happening in the Europe.  Yes, the rules they set are done with good intentions, but it seems there is a belief that without all the rules people from different backgrounds would not play nicely together.  My view is that we should give people more credit. People will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do not because there is a rule to say it should be so. Trying to define right and wrong with a set of rules is impossible and in the end it does more harm than good. Too many rules creates a culture where people try to see what they  can get away with, so in my view, the less rules the better. Let’s  teach our children how to play nicely together with the basic rule of loving one another and trust that grown ups can live by that rule too.

I know some will say I do not appreciate how badly the economy will be impacted by an out vote, and my response to that is simple – I know it will be hard, but if we only ever make the choice based on what is easy, we will only ever have short term gains.  This vote is not about the impact it will have next year, it is about the impact it will have on the next generation. So I hope for my children’s sake we choose less rules.

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